Is NewsFacts & Analysis objective?

Yes. NewsFacts & Analysis is a nonpartisan current events teaching tool assigned to college students by their professors. It provides reliable online news and fact-based analysis with no political, ideological, or religious affiliation of any kind. 

Is the content designed for use in college courses?

Yes. The publisher is Steve Posner, a published author and Professor of Writing for International Relations & Global Economics at the University of Southern California (click here to view his USC bio). Professor Posners educational current events publications have been praised by both Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Department of Education, and distributed to students overseas by the United States Information Agency and the Peace Corps. 

Is it easy to assign?

Yes. The news is presented in historical context so students can follow events independently without having to rely on additional instruction from their professors.

Is there a reference resource that supplements the news features?

Yes. The NewsFacts & Analysis Political Dictionary defines terms frequently used in news reports.

Is there a way for students to complete the assignments online?

Yes. Each issue contains three assignments: a Quiz on the news feature, a Student Opinion Poll, and a Discussion Board at the end of the articles where students receive credit for every comment they post.

Is the grading automatic?

Yes. It only takes a few minutes to record or download grades from the professors online gradebook.

Is it more likely that students will vote after reading NewsFacts & Analysis?

Yes. Research shows that citizens who closely follow the news are more likely to vote. NewsFacts & Analysis features a voting tool that makes it convenient for students to confidentially register and request absentee ballots directly from the authorized U.S. government election office in their state. 

Is the instructors edition free?

Yes. Professors and their teaching assistants have complimentary access to the educators edition.

Is the student fee a one-time charge?

Yes. The registration fee is just $9 per semester, $5 per quarter.

Is the news current?

Yes. NewsFacts & Analysis is published every two weeks during the academic year. Each issue features an in-depth examination of an important news story, enabling professors to remain focused on core curricula while ensuring that their students are knowledgeable about current issues.

Is there a live personal tutorial available through Zoom?

Yes. Simply click here to schedule a brief online tour at your convenience.

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“Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every citizen.” - Dwight Eisenhower

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How do I set up an account for my courses?

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How do students register?

1. Click on the Registration menu above to sign up for the student edition.

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What is the registration cancellation policy?

Cancel within 14 days of registration to receive a full refund.